The Sheffield Hill Group provides a boutique, proprietary training that is comprehensive, customized, and has worked for hundreds of Executives and Professionals in every industry. 

A little bit about our founder

I pursued my first calling in law enforcement, in which I had a robust and fruitful career. Wearing many hats in law enforcement, I identified very early in my career my gifting to de-escalate, gain control, and invoke diplomacy in highly volatile and chaotic situations. My ability to communicate effectively became my primary and most valuable weapon. Working in patrol, drug interdiction, dignitary protection, warrants, and street crimes, I continually sharpened my skill set. When I moved into my career crescendo, investigations, I then was trained formally in the F.B.I.’s Verbal Judo program. The academic training I received, coupled with my field experience, enabled me to hit my professional stride and hone my craft.

Our Mission

The Sheffield Hill Group provides a boutique, proprietary training developed over two decades. Our core tenants are thrice, and teach the art and the science of gaining and maintaining control of conversations, evoking organic visceral connection with deep engagement , and maximizing opportunities from every interaction we are afforded. The Sheffield Hill Group aides and equips Executives and Professionals with all they need to cast their anchor on their highest career apex yet. We never employ the use of persuasive tactics, deceptive means, or manipulation. Through The Sheffield Hill Group training you will learn strategies that are used by local and federal law enforcement, filtered through the lense and scope of faith based principles.

Our Clients

"As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God."

Psalm 42:1 ESV
Comprehensive Program

We have trained hundreds of C Suite Executives looking to learn the art and the science of  our proprietary program. We have coached Professionals from every industry to effectively navigate through lengthy and arduous interview processes. Our comprehensive  program is customized to ensure you leave with a phenomenal job offer, an amazing compensation package, and your highest career summit yet.

Improving Communication

We have provided  training to those with aspirations to run for political positions. Our training will aide and equip you in combating difficult media inquiries, constituent conversations, improving oratorship in open forum, and public relations.

Corporate Training

We have provided Corporate training for businesses looking to maximize sales and growth opportunities, vetting candidates for hire, or deeper interactional engagement with stakeholders at every level. Whether you are a small business entrepreneur, or a leader at a Fortune 500, The Sheffield Hill Group program can serve you.

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Our Services

We offer three packages, all of which will be custom tailored to meet your specific needs. We are vehemently against assembly line, rinse and repeat training and coaching. Our “5C” commitment promises to deliver these five unique deliverables of our program.

Client Testimonials

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